One of the largest Scandinavian banks.

INTEA has been working with Swedbank since 2011 – both with the Baltic units, and also the Swedish.


Three largest projects:

To develop a course package consisting of 38 courses in 4 languages within 16 months.
To create an ethics game in 4 languages: both for the Swedish Swedbank and Baltic units.
To create a security training for the Swedish Swedbank.


The course package:

  • Covered all products that client offers.
  • Localisation of the trainings.
  • The entire production period was 16 months.

Ethics game:

  • Managed to engage Swedbank’s employees into a complicated subject.
  • More than 17 000 employees have successfully finished this training.
  • The highest rated e-learning in Swedbank’s history.
  • With the help of five characters, which correspond to different functions in the bank, employees solve 70 different ethical dilemmas.

Security training:

  • Managed to shorten a 2 ½ hour long training to a 1-hour interactive course.
  • Comic strips and info graphics put the emphasizes on the most important security aspects in the bank.